Theme One: Creating your own leadership energy as Clawson would suggest starts with knowing who are as person

Theme One: Creating your own leadership energy as Clawson would suggest starts with knowing who are as person.Take the following quizzes.  After a review and reflection of the results, discuss how knowing more about your personality, emotional IQ, communication, ethics and your natural inclinations to be a leader can improve your relationships with others in the workplace. (Students can reflect generally or specifically on the results to the class. Privacy is important to us all so if you choose not to give actual numbers and just the results in general, that is fine.)Think over your experiences in the workplace and find five examples where personality, emotional IQ, communication, or ethics helped to create trust or lose trust, for you, in a leader.Jung Typology TestEQ TestUltimate Ethics Quiz   

How Good Are Your Communication Skillscommunication Skills

Would You Make a Good Leader?

Leadership Skills 



Part 2  Learning Activity # 2 Assess how Bloom might go about solving her leadership relationship building problems. Take into consideration her personality traits, organizational values, emotional intelligence and the social leadership aspects of her role as leader. In short, how can you make her a new woman; one that the department would like to follow? Orlanda Bloom was made Director of Accounting of GDD.  She worked hard in her new post.   Having worked at GDD over the last twenty-five years, Bloom was known for being tough but fair in her approach to her workers.   She was civil to everyone but was considered a loner by her peers and remote in her dealings with others.  Fearful that should would not be treated with respect and determined that she would be obeyed in her new job, Bloom became overly attentive to her workers. She micromanaged everyone from the lowest bookkeeper to her immediate assistant director.  She penalized workers and put negative reports in peoples personnel files for the smallest infraction.  The accounting department personnel, who were known to have the best morale in the company became the most demoralized and unresponsive workers.  HR director, Simon was flooded for transfer requests. Worse yet, several people left for jobs in other companies.  Simon reviewed the situation and decided that it might be best to consider giving Bloom one more chance in view of her long history with the company. However, imposing a probationary period for six months was seen as necessary and if the negative reports continued she would be asked to retire or fired if she refused to retire. Scared and worried for her career, Bloom comes to you to ask for advice. 

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