Digital Humanities Project #2

Digital Humanities Project #2

Dr. Gregory J Thompson




This is a researched critical analysis project that is to be executed by completing a Power Point.

Length: While you are not presenting the project before the class you should think of it as 5-minute presentation, about 15 slides.

Your title slide and bibliography slide do not count as part of the 15 slides.


Must have a minimum of 10 credible sources.




Select one of the works listed on the next 5 slides.

You are to do a critical analysis of that work of art. There are 5 paintings, representing 5 different eras and artistic movements.

Your analysis must include a short biography of the artist, identifying the period in which he or she worked. To analyze the work you will need to identify and describe the formalistic elements of the work. How do those elements work to convey the artist’s potential meaning?


The School Athens


The Love Letter

Jacques Louis David

The Death of Socrates


A Sunday on La Grande Jatte


Girl with the Hair Ribbon


Your project must include a bibliography (a properly formatted list of resources used to research your project)

You may use MLA, APA or Chicago Style for your bibliography.

The Bibliogrpahy and any Title slide do not count toward your 10-15 slide requirement.

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