improve a specific area in concrete company

This is one page paper part of my final project in Computer integrated manufacturing course. This part required a company visit to observe week area that need improvement that I already did. I am going to list what I observed so you could propose improvement in the company and explain how this can be implemented. Also show or justify how this will benefit the company (concrete company) (for example, reduced production costs, reduced WIP, etc) most job performed is hand on, so I was thinking to use robotics instead of hand to improve production. Here are the list of problems for improvement: 1- Filling injection gel by labor 2- placing the sticker of injection gel product by hand 3- all product stickers are placed by hand robot system would be huge improvement to the company for example increase production, reduce lead time etc. Your recommendations could also include graphical illustrations of an improvement. (Reports that include graphical explanations of improved processes as well as a good attempt at cost analysis will receive favorable grading).

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