Improving patient safety by decreasing the Number of Insulin Pen Injection Errors

Rubric will be attached for course as well as a sample paper my professor gave us from another student. Its a problem based solution paper. I choose the topic: Improving patient safety by decreasing the Number of Insulin Pen Injection Errors. 

As u will see in the sample paper attached the assessment portion of the paper is to discuss the problem from the hospital where it work. 
I recently attended a quality review meeting at my hospital because there was a insulin pen injection error that I was involved. We use computerized charting (EPIC) to administer medications that requires two nurses to verify insulin before giving the medication. I was the nurse that verified the medication dosage but I did not verify the name on the insulin pen. The insulin pen that was given to the patient was from the previous patient and was taken from the lock box in the patient's room. Also the insulin penbarcode itself was scanned instead of the patient's label associated with each individual patient. Therefore, the patient was given the right dosage 1 unit of insulin SQ but it was another patient's insulin pen, which is prohibited at my hospital. The hospital does not allow sharing of insulin pens because of blood borne exposures to diseases. The patient's insulin pen was from the previous patient, whom was diagnosis with HIV and Hep C. The objective of the paper is to decrease insulin pen injections similar to the one I experience. Since we already have two nurses that verify insulin the EPIC system my proposed solution is to add a best practice advisory (BPA) to appear on the computer screen indicating both nurses to check the patient's name and medical record number before giving insulin or ay solution that you propose. My professor only wants one solution and only one QSEN competency to focus on which is "SAFETY." See attached sample that I attached. Thank you for you help. I will add some articles that I found.

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