Philadelphia Artifact Essay

Select and visit a Philadelphia-related artifact or work of art in a museum. It must have a significant relationship with Philadelphia’s creative cultures. Visit and experience your artifact. Collect information from observation, research and reflection. Digest what you’ve learned and produce a report presented in four clearly identified sections. 

 length: 3.5 to 5 pages. 
Your selected artifact: Title or ID, Maker, Date and its Museum  If there is a URL at the museum website for the artifact, include it here.


Observation. Look deeply and develop a detailed description of the object and its setting. Examine its surfaces and textures, colors and scale. Help your reader visualize your artifact. Avoid assumptions. This section requires close direct experience, not research. Include at least four observations. 

Context. What are the relevant facts to know: the who, what, where, when and why. Consult reliable, authoritative and substantive sources (books, articles, websites, interviews, etc.) that will enable you to judge what is relevant, interesting and essential to know. Include at least four contextual facts that related to your observations and will help you develop an analysis.  

Analysis.  What is the cultural significance of your artifact? This is the culmination of your PEX Report and can only be completed after the other observation and context sections are developed. Interpret appearance, meaning and expression. Suggest why the artifact is the way it is, what it reveals and how it accomplishes that. 
Bibliography.  Searching out and using good sources is essential to help you achieve otherwise unattainable clarity. List at least FOUR substantial, relevant, reliable and varied sources: books, encyclopedias (hard copy and/or online), scholarly articles, exhibition catalogues, robust museum websites, etc. Use Paley Library. DO NOT USE THE MUSEUM'S WEB PAGE FOR THE ARTIFACT AS A SOURCE. Wikipedia, tourism websites, many news stories and most online dictionaries and are not substantial or, in some cases, reliable. Citing class lectures or assigned readings is not acceptable. Include at least FOUR bibliographical sources

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