PART I: INTRODUCTION- please discuss qualitative research interview styles (e.g. open-ended interviews, semi-structured interviews etc.) and how they are coded in themes within transcripts in interviews. 
In Introduction please focus on the topic of conflict residing between couples (e.g. marital couples (not necessarily domestic violence) but a milder argument conflict that could lead to domestic violence. And you will be conducting a interview regarding this topic so please introduce it as thesis in the Introduction section.
(1-2 pages)

1) THE ACTUAL INTERVIEW: In this section you will actually conduct a half hour interview (7-10 pages) of transcript) (relating to any mild conflict of domestic violence or marital couples arguing etc.). The interview will be with an acquaintance, friend, one member of the couple of family–please use one of the qualitative research interview techniques (e.g. open-ended format). 
a.Clearly identify codes and themes related to the interview 
b.Articulates a larger meaning related to the interview by connecting it to a broader research question and/or social conflict or academic debate (e.g. in this case Domestic Violence related topics)
c.    Employ clear, thoughtful and probing qualitative interview questions 
(open-ended are best
d.    Provides clear, detailed and persuasive reasoning as to the writer’s analysis of the interview 
e.    Is (nearly) free of errors in formatting, grammar, spelling and citation
f.    Is written with voice, grace and clarity
g.    Is unified, driven by a central idea or thesis

THE ACTUAL INTERVIEW- should be typed transcript process in the document (half an hour so 5-10 several pages related to marital/ domestic violence conflict)
2) IRB CONSENT FORM CREATION: DEVELOP YOUR OWN INFORMED CONSENT FORM (1-3 pages) (this needs to be integrated in this paper/ essay) (please see all the samples IRB Informed consent forms attached) YOu will develop and create a NEW simple IRB CONSENT form based on the samples…but YOUR OWN CREATION relation to Domestic Violence INTERVIEW process. You will discuss this in the paper your own informed consent form CREATION NEW 1-3 pages implement in paper and discuss it as well in the interview body of the paper. 

3) ANALYSIS & THEORETICAL RESEARCH ASPECTS OF THE INTERVIEW DISCUSSION-(2-3 pages) in this part of the body of the paper please discuss the analysis/ coded themes of the interview using global themes (discourse analysis approaches) and types of thematic analysis/ coding methods available in qualitative tradition. Be sure to quote from all references (especially main ones listed below) but total 20. 

CONCLUSION: (1 page or less)
You will integrate everything and summarize intro/ conflict / the interview sample you used/ process/ IRB creation/ analysis all in concise summary conclusion.

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