Social Work and Human Services

A needs assessment is done by human service professionals prior to implementing programs and activities.  By performing a needs assessment, you can best be able to ascertain the specific needs of the specific clients with whom you are working as well as the community in which you work.  Although it may seem like some generic solutions and activities would work with any client at a given location, keep in mind that even the needs within the community can differ based on the different clients living within the community. 
The purpose of a needs assessment is to determine or fine tune what the needs are of the clients with whom you work, so that you can design a means, through activities, development plan or education, to address those needs. 
At a minimum, your written description of your needs assessment should include the following: 
Include rationale,  goal, and a research question or a hypothesis that will be answered by implementing this needs assessment.  You can begin by just asking yourself this question:  “What do the clients and the community most need from the human service provider and organization?”  However, probably you’ll have an even better question more specific to your specific population and assessment instrument. 
Your introduction should be one page. 
Literature Review/Research 
Summarize the findings of at least 3 sources regarding whatever it is you’re measuring.  Sources may be research articles, someone who is experienced or expert in this area.  Basically, you are describing what others have said about this issue/concern and how meeting this need will lead to better service to both the individual clients and the community. 
Your literature review/research should be 3 pages in APA style. 
Method of Needs Assessment 
Provide a description of what needs assessment instrument you’re using, who the participants will be, and what it is you hope to find out by using this method (hypothesis).  Include a blank copy of your needs assessment. Suggestions for needs assessment instrument could be:  a survey that would ask your clients to identify their needs; personally interviewing clients and asking them each the same set of questions that you have found or developed; looking at a needs assessment already developed and administered by your organization. 
Your method of needs assessment should include a description and the needs assessment. 
Just the facts here!  It is not necessary here to include all of the raw data, but rather summarize the results in terms of frequency, percentage or ranking (this will depend on what instrument you use and how you use it). 
Your results should be between 1 pages. 
Discuss and interpret the results and what they mean.  Who would you report the results to in your organization? 
Your discussion should be 1 pages.
Paper format:

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