Oral History Interview

First, after reviewing any suggestions on the Oral History questions from the previous week, conduct your Oral History Interview. Be sure to reference both links on the PHMC website about how to conduct an Oral History Interview for tips and best practices. After you have conducted the interview type the transcript verbatim. Depending upon the length of your interview, this can be an extremely time consuming activity. Please block out your schedule appropriately. Some programs and companies offer transcription services for a minimal fee–usually a dollar per minute of transcription. Remember, only the transcript needs to be submitted. Be sure to use the template found in "Materials and Resources."
**The assignment does not have a page or word minimum, but you must use all the questions from your Oral History Pre-Interview questions from the prior week and their responses. Feel free use any additional questions or follow-up questions in the interview. 
Second, after completing the transcription, I would like for you to reflect upon your interview experience. In a short 400-500 word response, describe what you learned about the Civil Rights Era, Martin Luther King, Jr., or the 1960s through interviewing your subject. You may also consider reflecting upon the intrinsic value of oral histories as opposed to other historical texts. How may oral histories complement these historical texts (such as 1968)? What is the value of oral histories? 

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