Assignment 1 – Operations Management – (Supply Chain Management)

Assignment 1 – Operations Management – 

(Supply Chain Management)

Assignment Brief:

Prior to attempting the assignment questions please read the attached  material:

· Welcome to Cruise International 

· Overview of Cruise International 

· Mission Statement which includes: 

 Cruise Data 

• North American Passenger Capacity 

• Cruise Destination Data 

• Cruise Destination Data (Seasonalized) 

• Average Length of Cruise Data 

• Length of Cruise Demand Data 

• Average Capacity Utilization 

Quality Survey Data

• Billing Errors Data 

• Guest Survey Data 

• Housekeeping Stateroom 

• Cleaning Data 

 Housekeeping Work Sampling Data

Hours Required to Accomplish Routine Maintenance Tasks Cost Reports Processing Time Chart

· Departments 

· Guest's Survey Form 

· Activities for Telemedicine System Implementation 

· Embarkation Process 

Guidelines for assignment

1. Ground your answer in relevant theory 

2.Plagiarism and reproduction.(2%)

3.Make use of references, where appropriate – Use Harvard or APA referencing method. 

4. Structural elements should include an introduction, main body, and a conclusion 

5. Maximum word count: 2000 words 

6. Type of assignment: Essay 

7.Consult the attached documents in completing the work.


CHAPTER 4: Supply Chain Management at Cruise International, Inc.


Bob Bristol, your boss at Cruise International, Inc., just called to tell you that he was impressed with your progress thus far in familiarizing yourself with operations at CII-both the strategic details pertaining to its mission, competitive priorities, etc. and the specific details concerning its services and processes. 

He tells you that, with all the buzz about supply chain management (SCM) that you hear these days, CII is actively interested in exploring how different SCM concepts and techniques could be used in their operations. Maintaining an adequate, assured supply of a variety of mechanical equipment, entertainment equipment, retail merchandise, food products, and supplies for maintaining the ship is critical to CII. Meghan Willoughby, Chief Purser aboard the Friendly Seas I, has a couple of specific assignments that you will work on later. But for now, Meghan would like a concise research report for the top management team addressing SCM issues relevant to CII.

"Leila Jensen liked to write on the CII service package and delivery system." Meghan Willoughby wants you to prepare a similar report addressing SCM issues relevant to CII Senior Administrators at CII are actively engaged in exploring how SCM concepts and techniques could be adopted in their operations Prepare the concise report addressing the specific questions that Meghan has put together for you I look forward to receiving your report, which I am sure will provide insight for SC applications at CII.


All of the following questions are to be attempted in the work.

  1. It provides a comprehensive explanation of the essential concepts of SCM and SCM is applicable to a service operation such as CII. 

2. Evaluate how partnering with some of the CII suppliers could benefit. What issues should CII consider when developing partnerships? 


3. Purchasing, a major function in SCM, is critical in the cruise line industry. Critique the potential conflicts of interest or ethical issues facing the purchasing function. 

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