Discussion #5

Discussion Question #5 – The Discussion Item for Unit 5 has three parts. The normal length 250-word requirements do not apply to this discussion item.

Part 1:

Find an example of a deductive argument in some published source from within the last year. You can use newspapers, magazines, internet, books, etc., but do not use sources that specifically cover logic, critical thinking, reasoning, rhetoric, etc. Also, do not use examples already posted by other students.

– Provide the text from your example.
– Cite your source.

Part 2:

Translate the argument into symbolic formulas in Standard Form. Be sure to include the following:

– Assign uppercase sentence letters to simple claims in the argument. Make it clear to your audience which uppercase letter you are assigning to each simple (atomic) claim. (Review the relevant sections of Unit 2 if needed.)
– Give the symbolic formulas of your premises and conclusion in standard form.

Part 3:

Give a truth table (long or short – your choice) for your argument. Say whether the argument is Valid or Invalid. Explain the results of your truth table for your audience.

Note: feel free to post your tables as attachment files to your discussion posts. This may make formatting easier.

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