For your Final Project submission, you have the opportunity to share the significance of your results in the practice of public health. With your disease and data in mind, integrate instructor and peer feedback you have received throughout the course, in completing your statistical analyses.

The Assignment: (7 PAGES)

· Section I: Introduction (3 pages)

o Brief description of your identified disease

o Summary of other studies that directly relate to your identified disease outcome (Note: This is essentially the Literature Review you submitted in Week 6. There is no need to include the Annotated Bibliography as well since it was developed into your Literature Review.)

o Statement of the Problem/Research question

o Written statements for both your null and alternative/research hypothesis

o Brief description of the significance of why this disease is important for examination


· Section II: Methodology (1 page)

o Brief description of the study sample

o Description of the data gathering methods for your variables of interest

o Explanation of the types of statistical analyses you conducted and why


· Section III: Results (2 PAGES)

o Description of the steps you took to conduct your statistical analyses

o Summary of your statistical findings

§ Narrative description

§ Tables and graphs (Be careful—too many tables and graphs decreases clarity)


· Section IV: Conclusions and Discussion (1 PAGE

o Explanation of your major results (Be sure to answer your research question.)

o If appropriate, report on statistical significance (or not) of your results; including any relationship between your variables of interest.

o Social change implications of your results for the population that was sampled from.

o Suggestions for future research.

· Appendices

SPSS Codebook

o Syntax Code (step-by-step instructions of how to run the different analyses)

· References

Include 4–6 peer-reviewed resources.

Be sure to follow APA 


RQ: Is there an association between condom use and HIV?
Dependent Variable: HIV
Independent Variable(s): Condoms

Null Hypothesis: There is no association between condom use and HIV
Alternate Hypothesis: There is an association between condom use and HIV

Statistical Test: (To be determined) Already been determine, see attachment

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