Judical branch paper

1. Write a 600-word overview of the Judicial Branch. Include Organization, responsibilities, requirements, demographics. etc (+sources highlighted)
2.Identify the Chief justice of the United States Supreme Court and the other eight justices, along with which president appointed each one, and his/her general political position (liberal, moderate, conservative: NOT POLITICAL PARTY). Also include age and some information about the justices' appointment (+sources highlighted) (600 word)
3.Write a report (600 words) on a case tried to completion in the U.S. Supreme Court within the last 5 years. Including case title, all major issues involved. Parties involved, case history (What had happened to the case in the lower courts) political significance, and a description of the decision-(No one-sided report) (+text of case&+sources highlighted)
4.Find a chart of the process of criminal cases and a chart of the process of civil cases. Include any fines, jail or prison time, years on record and any other consequences. List and describe 2 crimes that students your age (18) are convicted of the most. Explain the process that occurs when someone gets arrested for each of the two crimes. Include any fines, jail or prison time, years on record and any other consequences that go along with committing the 2 crimes (400 words each) (+sources highlighted)-Go to https://www.oyez.org/ to find sources! make sure to attach the link. (800 words total)
2600 word total.

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