The Impact Of Stress In Aviation

Hello. this paper has to be 5-7 pages, APA format

this paper about how a human factor can lead to an accident in Aviation. 

I already chose to write about "Impact of Stress" 

the paper most at least have 3 resources and I listed them all below:

you also can use more resources if you want.


Prof. Instructions:

For the Term Paper, you will write a 5-7 page paper, APA format, with at least 3 sources. 

APA format will be used as is standard research papers. You will need at least three sources, using evidence that either supports your hypothesis or disproves it. Cite accident statistics or case studies which give support to your conclusion. . Your topic will need to be approved. Look for leading edge research by going to many sites, such as NASA, FAA, AOPA, National Safety Foundations, ALPA, etc.

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