Capstone paper on the book ‘Jacob have I loved’

Capstone paper on the book ‘Jacob have I loved’. Between 6-10 pages with 4 sources.


**The following is copied verbatim from the 6.0 Module. Make sure to read the original materials there since there are additional pages of suggestions. The link below should only be used when you are ready to submit your final draft of this paper. **

Capstone: Novel Critical Analysis Instructions

Read through this page and the following pages in this module to get a sense of what this project requires you to do. Please read all pages before asking questions. While we do want to answer any questions you may have, we want you to read through the materials first.


1. Select a critical approach for the focus of your paper from the next page of this module (labelled "Critical Approaches"). In some cases, they may be combined, so feel free to use one or two (no more than two). For instance, you might combine a historical reading with a biographical reading.

2. Complete the 6.1 assignment by the required due date. If you are unsure of the due date, review the course calendar on the main page. The 6.1 assignment is a bit like the abstract from APA, so this is an important way to get feedback from your instructor.

3. Submit the rough draft of your research paper to Smarthinking and/or Turn It In (as specified by your instructor) by the specified due date. You will then submit the feedback to the instructor via the 6.2 assignment. This is exactly like what you did with your papers in English 111.

4. Submit the final draft of your research paper by the specified due date. This should be handed in to the 6.3 link.

5. This paper should be in MLA format.

6. This paper should be at least six pages long. It should be no longer than 10 pages.  

7. A works cited page should be included. This page is NOT part of your total. Thus, the minimum page count you will have is seven pages (6 written + 1 works cited = 7 pages). Again, the works cited page does *not* count as a page of text. 


1. Use at least four (4) sources other than the novel itself. These sources should be valid literary sources. If you use our SCC library databases, you can rest assured that the sources are valid.

2. Wikipedia, Pink Monkey, Cliff Notes, etc. are *not* considered valid, literary sources.

3. Films on Demand (from our library) is also a valid place of reference. Sources can be web-based or print, as long as you document accordingly. 

4. Please use the OWL and the videos provided in this module to help you. You may also review the “How to write a thesis” video from the 3.0 materials.

This is the summary that I submitted for an earlier assignment.

View summary

Jacob have I loved takes place the summer of 1941 on Rass Island. Twin sisters Louise and Caroline live on the island with their family. Their dad runs and operates and crab boat. Louise has a love-hate relationship with Caroline. Caroline almost died at birth so she's always stealing the spotlight from Louise. Caroline and Louise have always wanted to get off Rass Island but haven't been able to. The only person Louise has is her best friend Call. Call's personality is kinda bland, he never laughs or cracks jokes with Louise, but they love hanging out and crabbing together. One day a mysterious man appeared in Rass and of course Call and Louise were curious. They became friends with the gentleman and refer to him as Captain. Caroline steals more spotlight from Louise when she too becomes friends with Captain, and Captain offers to pay for Caroline to go to a private music school off the island. Call gets the opportunity to join the Navy and fight in WWII. Now both Caroline and Call are gone and Louise is left behind to help her father work his crabbing boat business. Call returns home from the war in 1945 and announces he will marry Caroline. Louise is upset and finally sets her mind to getting off Rass island once and for all. Louise leaves the island and becomes a nurse midwife in a small town where she meets her future husband. While Louise was helping deliver twins one evening she experienced what it was like to have a sick baby that needed nursing back to good health. This opened eyes for Louise and she was able to forgive Caroline for always stealing her spotlight.

My critical approach for my paper will be the formalist. I believe this is the best option to help readers understand the story.

This was my professor's response.

Good plot summary. If you'd rather, you may use the thematic approach instead of formalistic. Here is an update on that approach:

*Thematic – the thematic approach focuses on themes/morals/meanings that come through the text as lessons for characters and/or readers. It would be appropriate to tell about the author in the introduction and concentrate each body paragraph on a unique theme. These body paragraphs will include plot details to prove each theme. Moreover, body paragraphs will be arranged in order by how their examples illustrate the plot. For example, Titanic's sinking as a theme of man's arrogance cannot be discussed before the theme of the haves versus the have-nots in regards to social class inequities.

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