history assignment

CLASSIC1001 / CLASSIC 1011 (2017/18)
 Commentaries Choose four items from the following five and comment on them, indicating the context and discussing any points of literary, historical or artistic interest.

(a) Homer, Odyssey 1.354–375 (= 1.407–431 Fagles): ‘Odysseus was scarcely the only one …. devour your own possessions, house to house by turns.’.

(b) Hesiod, Theogony 161–173 [p. 8 West]: ‘Without delay she created the element of grey adamant … so he spoke and mighty Earth was delighted.’

(c) Sappho fr. 31 West: ‘He looks to me to be in heaven …’.

(d) Herodotus 1.5.3-4 ‘These are the stories of the Persians. ….I will make mention of both alike.’

(e) Image: a statue (see moodle)


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