Student Autobiography Worksheet


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Student Autobiography Worksheet

Answer the following questions about your family’s background or a family of your choice (all that you know or can find out).

· When did your/their family(ies) come to the U.S.?

Family members that I have talk to say that some came in the country in the early 1900’s.

· From where did your/their family(ies) come?

Exsisting family members that I have spoken to tell me that some came through Mexico.

· Do you trace your/their family heritage to more than one country outside the U.S.? Which countries?

Exsisting family members that have traced family heritage tell me that some come from Germany, Italy and Mexico.

· What language(s) did your/their relatives speak?

Spanish and German.

· Do you or any of your/their relatives speak a non-English language? Which language(s)?

I speak Spanish and all family members that I know speak Spanish.

· Were you or any of your or their family being researched have family that was adopted? How has this impacted your/their ability to know your/their family’s history?

Family members that have traced have not found that anyone was adopted.

· To which race(s) or ethnic group(s) do your/their ancestors belong?

White (German) and Brown (Spanish ancestry).

· How do you define your/their racial/ethnic identity?

Personally Mexican.

· Are you/they a first-generation American?

We are the 3rd generation.

· If you/they have any Native American heritage, know someone else who does, or find a celebrity that does, please answer the three questions below:

· Do you have some Native American heritage (or Amerindian heritage from other countries in the Americas)? From which tribe (s) is this heritage? Be as specific as possible.


· Are you a formal member of the tribe (s)?


· Do you consider your / their Native American identity? If so, which tribe (s) do you belong to?


Combine these answers into a statement (350 to 700 words) defining your / their complex identity.

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