Leadership Paper

Students will prepare a paper about leadership dilemma or problem. This may be a real problem that the student is experiencing or may be based on a past experience. Students should decide early in the semester on the topic for this paper and have a quick conversation via phone or email with the instructor to ensure that it is appropriate for this assignment. This paper should include: 

1. Introduction and description of the leadership dilemma or problem

2. The goals or outcomes that the student hopes to achieve or solve 

3. The leadership characteristics, skills, or behaviors that the student needs to engage in solving the problem

4. The activities or plan of action that the student incorporates to solve the problem

5. The tools or resources that may be used to solve the problem (this may include people) 

6. Conclusion

Be sure to include knowledge you have gained this semester to help you analyze the problem and ways to solve it. The paper must be in APA format, 6th edition. Use Times New Roman, 12 font, regular 1” margins.  If you are not familiar with APA, you may visit http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/ for more information, purchase the small guide APA: The Easy Way! (2nd ed), or use other websites. There are plenty of sample papers on how to use APA as well. Minimum 7 pages (excluding title page and references). 

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