MUSEUM ASSIGNMENT: Museums are a valuable field site for sociological investigation. This is because exhibits can prove important to learning about visual culture, inequality, tourism, popular culture and more. Some sociologists, therefore, apply their lens and perspective to how culture is displayed (via exhibits), what is displayed, who displays, and who visits and take in the meanings museums offer.

Assignment Directions:


As a student of Sociology/ Anthropology, you will provide a reflection that addresses the historical, cultural, political and/ or economic significance of three museum exhibits that contribute to understanding aspects of American society of your choosing.


Be sure to take notes (of not only important information but your reactions to them) as you travel along and view museum exhibits of interest. Where possible, photos (if permitted), printed descriptions or brochures, and source information that can be used for further investigation should be obtained. These will be of assistance to you during your reflection/ write-up.


Your write up should be approx 2-3 pages using 12 pt font, reflective, with an introduction and conclusion contextualizing the experience with clear language, sociological terms of relevance that survey our SOC 101 chapters and topics, and include examples discussing each of the three exhibits for which you are providing sociological reflections. The best reflections will draw salient points of connection and/ or contrast to sociology course material (theory, methodology, race, ethnicity, gender, stratification, deviance, from across the textbook chapters and course articles. Additionally, your work must be properly referenced as per grading rubric in syllabus. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.


Alternative Museum Site: See page 2


Students not going to the Washington DC Trip with ASC on Nov 3rd will visit the following museum on their own schedule.

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