25 Key Marketing Terms — Written Assignment #1

25 Key Marketing Terms — Written Assignment #1

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT #1              (15% of total grade)

This is due at the end of the first week (Sunday night before mid-night).

In the COURSE MATERIALS folder is the +100 slide PowerPoint “Marketing Basics” presentation with "Notes" attached to most slides. This writing project relates to the contents of the presentation.

You are my TA (Teaching Assistant). I have asked you to develop a hand-out to give my marketing students the back-up data when I present this slide presentation to the class. The hand-out is titled "25 Key Marketing Terms". You are to select 25 important marketing terms that are discussed in the slide presentation and list them along with providing the slide number for the term you have selected. You will provide a definition for each term that you define. The terms that you select should be key to many marketing managers-they should not be obscure terms that are not critical to the management of a marketing program (thus, selection of terms is important to this project). Graphics are essential. They should be provided at least half of the terms you are defining.

Put the 25 words in alphabetical order and put the slide number next to each term.

NOTE: This project does NOT follow typical APA manuscript format. This document will not have a Cover Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, or References list. "25 Key Marketing Terms". You are producing a "Word" document with double spacing. Put your name under the title. You will probably end up with 5 to 7 pages in the total project.

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