Curate a virtual mini exhibition

Create a small vietual exhibition of two-dimensional art. Select 3 paintings, drawings,prints, or collages from the google cultural institute website. (Aka Google Art Project) to illustrate a theme that will develop starting with pne of the prompts listed below. 
It should consist of 4 elements: a title for exhibition, an installation mockup displaying my three works of art. An introduction 400 words defining my theme and explaining how each of the works chosen illustrates the theme, a text of wall label to go with each work, giving complete identifying information for that woek of art. The three works must be done by different artist and represent different stylistic or formal approaches to the theme. 
Prompts: art as argument, business and industry in society, drama without humans, moral choices, once upon a time, public and private, transitions, technology and science in society, putting the viewer in the picture, migration and displacement. Chose only one prompt. 
I have also attached a sample and instructions.

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