Discrete Element analysis of fibre-reinforced sand

Short discrete fibres are increasingly prevalent as classical tension resisting elements in geotechnical engineering practice, particularly for improving the mechanical behaviour of weak soils. The technique of soil reinforcement using randomly distributed fibres has been extensively studied in recent years. The fibre-reinforced soil behaves as a composite with a relatively coherent matrix. Fibre reinforcement leads to an increase in the soil strength by interlocking soil particles, improving strain resistance and by preventing from formation of continuous planes of weakness at failure. A body of experimental data exists on the shear strength of fibre-reinforced clay soils examining the stress-strain relationships under monotonic loading. Several investigations have also been targeted towards understanding the mechanical behaviour of fibre-reinforced clay soils using triaxial compression tests, unconfined compression strength tests, ring and direct shear tests and 1D-consolidation tests. A few studies have also been undertaken to evaluate cyclic loading scenarios. In this, a discrete element model will be developed using YADE (www.YADE-dem.org) platform (freeware DEM package) to model the effect of fibres to improve the shear behaviour of clay soils. Therefore, within this model, particle shape, compaction of particles, fibre chains will be modelled using YADE platform in a particulate media using small spheres. The results of the modelling will be validated against available experimental results. The verified model will suggest and estimate the shear strength of fibre-reinforced clay with different fibre contents.
the modelling has to be done using Yade platform which will be based upon python programming language.
Linux Os has been installed on my laptop and i need to use that for 3d postprocessing.
the coding i need are:
Sample preparation in yade by compaction and gravity descend
Modelling the cohesive forces between the molecules
Modelling the fibres
random distribution of fibres
Modelling the fibre reinforced clay for direct shear test

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