Network Security Proposal (Parts 1-3)

Your proposal will be submitted in three major parts:

Analysis and Planning (i.e., Part 1)
Securing Boundary Devices, Hosts, and Software (i.e., Part 2)
Securing Data at Rest and in Transit (i.e., Part 3)
Each of these parts will be submitted to the LEO Assignments folders and TurnItIn. Each of these parts should be submitted independently of the other parts to TurnItIn. That is, only submit Part 1 to the Part 1 TurnItIn folder, Part 2 to the Part 2 TurnItIn folder, and Part 3 to the Part 3 TurnItIn folder. When submitting Part 1 to the LEO – Assignments – Network Security Proposal Part 1 submission folder, only submit Part 1. When submitting Part 2 to the LEO – Assignments – Network Security Proposal Part 2 submission folder, submit Parts 1 and 2 as a single document. When submitting Part 3 to the LEO – Assignments – Network Security Proposal Part 3 submission folder, submit Parts 1, 2, and 3 as a single document.

To learn how you will be assessed on this assignment, take a moment to review the rubric. The final deliverable should follow the following criteria:

Use this template as a guide while creating your Network Security Proposal (Parts 1-3).
Include at least two scholarly references in each of the three submissions. Thus, a total of six scholarly references will be included in total. UMUC's library and online sources. Students will also include other credible sources as appropriate.
Use IEEE-style citations. We do not use APA or MLA-style citations. Students should contact UMUC's Effective Writing Center for assistance.
Use proper terminology and expand acronyms in each paragraph they are used. For example, the first time in a paragraph an acronym is used it should be expanded (e.g., University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Thereafter, and as long as you are in the same paragraph, the acronym (e.g., UMUC) can be used. When starting a new paragraph, the rule begins anew.
The use of figures and diagrams is encouraged. Students will properly cite the figures and diagrams according to the IEEE-style citation.
Before submitting each part to the appropriate folder in LEO – Assignments, students will upload to TurnItIn. Students should review the LEO – Announcements for specific instructions or contact the Professor.

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