Organisational Leadership Assignment

Organisational Leadership Assignment

The social media strategy is directed toward an external population (clients, customers, public) and clearly communicates the following elements in detail:

1. Goals of the social media strategy: what you wish to achieve or change with the target population? Do you want to raise brand awareness, increase sales, engage new customers or supporters, get feedback on your product…?

2. Description of the target audience – who do you want to engage with this plan?

3. Analysis of the current social media usage of the target audience – where are they NOW online?

4. Purpose of the social media campaign: Do you want to excite them about a product, educate them about a product, service, or organization, allow them to experience the product or service, or engage them in dialogue about the product or service?

5. Mix of social media tools and strategies you will use to achieve your goals. (This can be a chart)

6. Estimated costs of implementing the strategy (human resources, contracted services)

7. The strategy you will use to evaluate whether the strategy was effective.


· Submit your responses in a word document.

· Plagiarism will be checked.

· Align your document with Justify Indentation and give Line-spacing = 1.

· Limit your response to 2-page for each question.

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