Assignment 5: Greatest Challenges, Skills, and Achievements

Assignment 5: Greatest Challenges, Skills, and Achievements

(5 points)


For this paper, you will discuss your top 2 challenges, 3 skills, and 3 achievements as they pertain to your professional development and aspirations. Please consider the following questions when developing your paper…





What are the top 2 challenges you face in pursuing your professional goals? Why do you consider these to be challenges? What resources will help you to overcome these challenges? What challenges have you overcome in the past that may help you overcome these challenges now? What are 3 steps that you can take to overcome these challenges or at least help you deal with these challenges more effectively?





What are your top 3 skills? Why do you consider these to be your top skills? How have you effectively used them to accomplish professional tasks? How have your skills helped you overcome challenges? How have you developed your skills? What experiences have allowed you to use your skills or how have you honed your skills in some of your professional experiences to date? How will these skills help you achieve your professional goals?





What are your top 3 achievements? How did you accomplish them? What skills did you use to help you make these achievements? Why are they important to you and your professional life? How will they help you in the future? What lesson(s) did you learn from them? How can you incorporate these achievements into professional pieces such as: your elevator speech, a cover letter, your resume, and/or an interview?



Please submit your paper as a Word document or PDF and adhere to the following format:


· 12-point font

· Single-spaced

· 1-2 page(s) in length

· 1-inch margins


Your paper will be graded on the following criteria:


· Content (meaningful discussion, addressing major questions posed)

· Inclusion of all required sections

· Grammar, spelling, punctuation

· Adherence to formatting guidelines

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