Course: MGMT 8035-Complexity & Applied System Thinking

Course: MGMT 8035-Complexity & Applied System Thinking

Discussion: Distributed Intelligence – 2-3 pages Due 24hrs

Select an organization and consider its distributed intelligence. Think back to the systems thinking disciplines: personal mastery, shared vision, team learning, mental models, and systems thinking. Can you identify any simple rules within distributed intelligence that applies to human organizations? What might be some advantages of distributed intelligence vis-à-vis command and control leadership?

The discussion: To prepare for this Discussion, review the resources and respond as follows:

1. Introduction
2 . Abstract
3 .  Provide an example of distributed intelligence in your selected organization.
4  .  Then, explain how it might contribute to improving your organization or to your organization becoming a learning organization.
5.   Finally, explain any advantages of distributed intelligence for leading and managing the organization.
7.Provide at least two relevant and recent academic journal (2012-2016) to support your discussion.

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