health care law and ethics

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Case Study:
Mr. North has been admitted to your ward with a rapidly deteriorating cardiac condition – due to a comorbid respiratory condition there are no readily available treatment options. He is expected to pass away within days and is refusing any further treatment. He has made specific instructions to the staff that his wife is not to be told the truth of his condition as she has a history of anxiety and he believes she ‘could never cope’.
The patient has now deteriorated to the point where he has lost consciousness. His wife has arrived on the ward to find him unconscious and is demanding to be told the truth of his condition.
What do you believe is the ethical course of action and why?
Ethical Decision Making Exercise
The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your understanding and application of ethical decision making. You are required to make use of the supplied ethical decision making model (see below) and apply it to the case scenario above.
In your essay, show the ethical issues that are relevant, the stages (or steps) of your decision making model, and the decision that you reach about what you feel to be the thing to do.
Remember that the focus of Assessment 1 is ethical and not legal issues. Thus, for example, even though there may be legal issues within this scenario, limit your discussion to ethical issues.
Suggested approach
• Make use of the blank assignment template with the attached marking rubric provided on the LMS site.
• Ensure that the title page is correctly filled out with your student ID details.
• Apply the provided model to the case scenario information.
• Under the headings provide the case and theoretical information relevant to the
stage/step of the model.
• Ensure your discussion of relevant ethical principles (or theory) is always applied to the
case of this particular patient.
• Consider the rights of all parties involved.
• For the final stage of your decision making model put forward what you believe would
be ethical and why.
• If there is an evaluation step in your chosen decision making model, it is suggested that
you discuss how you would evaluate the decision/s you have made.

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