MGMT-8035 – Complexity & Applied System Thinking

MGMT-8035 – Complexity & Applied System Thinking

Final Project Component: Section 6—Adding Complexity

The Assignment: 3 – 4 pages Due 22th April 2016

This week, you continue your Consultancy Report for the executive leadership of your selected organization. Review the Final Project Template for proper APA formatting and details for this week’s component.

In 3–4 pages, complete the following:

Using your original PowerPoint model, expand your model of the organization to include the following (this model will be inserted as a figure into your Final Project Template):
Expand your description of the organization by:
Describing three or four agents (including detectors and effectors).
Explaining the relationships among three or four agents.
Explaining the flow of information, material, or energy across networks.
Explaining how two or three agents may be aggregated.
Explaining two or three nonlinear (positive or negative) feedback loops.
Explaining three or four key organizational processes.
Explain how this new model might help leaders better understand the organization.
Explain how this new model might help leaders improve their decision-making skills.
Recommend how the organization might improve with a better understanding of the various structures and processes in the organization.
Include at least two citations / references to current literature to support your explanations and recommendations to the executive leadership

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