Project management

1) What is performance management, what are the options for implementing performance management, and why is it important?

2) You are asked to lie to the customer about the project status in order to “save the project from termination.” You fear that you might get fired if you tell the customer the truth because you wouldn’t be perceived as a “team player.” How would you handle this situation? Explain why.

3) Design an evaluation form to be used by the project team, clients, and other stakeholders after project termination to evaluate the effectiveness of the project manager.

4) As a company executive, how would you determine if there is a need to establish a project office? If it is determined that there is a need, how do you measure the return-on-investment as a result of the implementation of the PMO?

5) Describe the three graphs you would recommend for any project and how you would interpret the data as represented on the graph. That is, how does the data represent “good” or “bad” conditions?

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