QHT 1 Task4

Competency 304.6.3: Working with Individuals & Groups – The graduate is knowledgeable about strategies for working with individuals and groups in an organization.


Objective 304.6.3-07: Apply guidelines, tools, practices, and procedures to produce effective communication and positive interactions among members of the organization.



There are four key barriers to communication: process barriers, personal barriers, physical barriers, and semantic barriers.





Write an essay describing how you, as a manager, would overcome each of these four barriers.


Describe the guidelines, tools, practices, or procedures that you would use to overcome each type of communication barrier (i.e., process, personal, physical, and semantic).


Note: When using sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or paraphrased in the text of the paper or project. 


Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. For tips on using APA style, please refer to the APA Handout web link included in the General Instructions section.
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