think about a major ethical dilemma you faced in the past

For your final SLP, think about a major ethical dilemma you faced in the past. Think carefully about how the notions of utilitarian/consequentialist ethics and duty/deontological ethics from the Module 3 and 4 background readings apply to this dilemma.

Then write a 2- to 3-page paper addressing the following issues:

Briefly describe the ethical dilemma you faced.
How does the Utility Test apply to this ethical dilemma that you faced?
What were the duty/deontological implications of this ethical dilemma?
Based on the material from this class, might you have made a different decision regarding this ethical dilemma if you could do it all over again?
SLP Assignment Expectations
Follow the guidelines in The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper.
Don’t forget to properly cite your sources—both in-text and as end references!
You are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking—as defined in the background materials and the grading rubric. Don’t just summarize information. Instead demonstrate your ability to come to a conclusion and support your conclusion using logical arguments.

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