Water Treatment Paper

Must receive in 8 hours. APA Format. 


Research common water treatment and sewage treatment processes in your area (Cheapeake, VA).  


Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper in which you discuss the treatment processes in your area. How would pesticide use or improper disposal of solid and hazardous waste affect this process? How would improper storage and management of hazardous wastes lead to water treatment issues?  Reflect on selected articles from a magazine, a journal, or a news feature that provide an in-depth examination of the topic(s) above and have been published within the last months. (You may use two or more related articles.)


Each paper must contain the following: 

•Briefly summarize the article(s). 

•Relate the article(s) to course topics, explain why the article(s) is of interest, indicate your agreement or disagreement, and provide reasons for your opinion 

•Respond to the article(s), explaining in detail the action (e.g., congressional, community, or personal) that should take place to address the environmental topic discussed in the article(s).  


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (cite any article(s) used, including the author, article title, magazine title, date, and page numbers).

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