Module 14: Collaborative Application of Economic Principles

Module 14: Collaborative Application of Economic Principles 

Assignment: News Article Review I (100 points)

All articles must be recent, the beginning of the semester forward.
The article must relate to at least two of the following learning outcome:
Describe macroeconomics issues such as Business Cycle, Growth, and Inflation.

Economic Article Review Form (Only current Articles, dated after the semester began.)

Publisher &, Copyright:

Web Address:
If you do not scan or link or attach or give the a full citation so that I may read the business article you will not be able to earn the10 points.
(Worth 10 points)

Brief Summary of the Article:
(Worth 20 points)

How does this article relate to the learning outcome, be specific, and give examples :
(Worth 50 points)

What is your critique on the article:
Try to stay away from opinions statements.
(Worth 20 points)

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