Personal Conflict Analysis

Personal Conflict Analysis: This is a 5 page paper, in which you will explore the concept of conflict in your own interpersonal relationships. You will talk about how conflict resides in your own life, how you deal with conflict, how you manage conflict and how you can apply what you learn in the book to your life and the conflicts you encounter. Make sure you refer to the book while writing this paper. Adaptation of concepts and theories. (if you need the book lmk…) Attached are brief overview of the direction and personal conflict subject topic. I jotted down statements and essays for this paper, it has no stable diction. It’s a collective of ideas and personal internal conflict. I would like you to find the middle ground and using all the information provided (if more is needed ask) analyze and form an essay. Include; lateral/ Vertical thinking, stop listen, thinking hats… ● My personal conflict that I have been dealing with is figuring out how to connect my life mission and purpose with the skills and talents that was unveiled to me as I grew older with experience that I encountered throughout the time i’ve been on earth. To be honest I thought I knew who I was and who I wanted to be and how I was going to do it, but lately I had a premonition or hit a level of consciousness (with the aid/ consumption of medical herbs and meditation) my life went through a spiral (hurricane) of finding myself. Many pieces to the puzzle was lost that I thought I already connected. I started to lose myself during the time of my 2nd year in college. I was looking for validation, I was on a mission to please everyone I let down at some point in their life. I always had an ambitious appetite that was more than I could handle, so I would put more on my plate than I could finish, so in turn I would let a lot of people down though promise I would make on project I created. Only because of time I was able to figure out this was misguided and close to impossible, subconsciously I knew this when I was younger but when you live in a society which people that depends or believes in something and you feel you can accomplish you want to be the hero and a little more like the one! ● My internal personal conflict is becoming all I can be, though the mental power of everything I can create and want to achieve. I guess it’s my lack or the struggle of me truly and entirely believing in myself. I battle with doubt in my creation and plans, I know I am creative, and clever but I allow the negative voices, vibes and feels to overwhelm the potential of these ideas I have. When I was younger I had confidence like no other, not too sure what happened but there are gaps in my mind now. Points in time I am full of self confidence it’s like my self esteem is on cocaine and I feel and knowingly believe I am invincible as a titan or a God, then there are moments where I feel like a helpless child stranded on an island with no hope of survival trapped within myself in a dream which I can’t wake up from. ● But when I was younger I had this anger control I lack, it’s better control now but when I feel sad of hopeless I start to get upset with myself because I know deep down it’s a faze and I’m much powerful in mind than what my current emotions are portraying and that i am feeling. So I relax and allow the anger to take control to bypass the depression phase and from anger faze I relax and in into the nonchalant faze. This help spark or reactive my thoughts on a positive level, or at least that what I think I do internally. I was told this was called bipolar but I don’t believe in labels if it’s a possibility of control. ● To bridge the gap between my future goals and my present self Goals: Found (startup) and own a company that has a positive global impact in advancing the global generations (business, tech, science, entertainment and law) though creative ideas that has endless possibilities. Aid the gen of Y, Z, Alpha continue… to change and improve the process in which we deal with social indifferences like, belief, opinions, economics,… Show people that the power of the mind is not a joke, and believing in yourself can change the world… Talents and Skills: Entrepreneur Lawyer Tech-software designer Fashion designer Investor Director Creative idea and strategist ● I know this may be challenging because it should be written from a personal point of view but the ideas above should aid in directing or helping you see it as I would. Add what you feel and don’t be afraid to get creative with the story and how you dealt with the conflicts. If this doesn’t make sense let me know, thanks.

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