Perspectives on Organization & Implication for Leaders

Discussion: Organizational Culture (2-3 pages) Due 13th April 2016

Within an organization, there can be many different cultures (e.g., values, beliefs) within departments, divisions, branches, and work units. These differences might be a result of leadership style. For example, the more control the leader has over the work unit, the more his or her style will impact the culture within the unit. For this Discussion, review Chapter 13 of your course text, Culture in Action. The chapter provides various short scenarios and examples of management style and culture. Examine two different scenarios from the chapter. From the scenarios selected, consider how the leader’s management styles impact the organizational culture.


The Discussion:

Provide a description of how each of the two management styles selected distinctively create organizational cultures.
Next, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the two styles.
Then, explain how these differences could align or be dissonant with the organization’s culture and the advantages or disadvantages of that dynamic.
Finally, explain the type of organizational culture you think would be the best for the business used in the case study. Provide a rationale for your choice.

Note: Provide two (2) additional and recent academic resources/journals (Year 2012-2016) in APA style and citation format to support your topic


Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (2013). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
◦Chapter 12, “Organizational Symbols and Culture” (pp. 245–270)

◦Chapter 13, “Culture in Action” (pp. 271–284)

◦Chapter 14, “Organization as Theater” (pp. 285–301)

Morgan, G. (2006). Images of organization. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
◦Chapter 5, “Creating Social Reality: Organizations as Cultures” (pp. 115–147)

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