Complete the Week 3 CheckPoint by posting your response in a discussion post:

Let's do some calculations as a class so you can discuss your findings. You find out that the average 10th grade math test score for section 6 of the local high school is 87 for the 25 students in the class. The average test score for all 10th grade math students across the state is 85 for 1,800 students. The standard deviation for the state is 3.8. What Z score do you calculate, and what is the area between the mean and the Z score (found on the table at the end of the course text)? What does this mean about the probability of this test score difference occurring by chance? Is it less than 0.05?
Respond to at least one CheckPoint response made by another student.

Note: Your initial post does not count toward your participation grade, because you also submitted it for a grade in the Week 3 CheckPoint assignment. However, your responses to the faculty and/or other students can count toward a substantive discussion post.

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