Analyzing The Organization (Cabela’s)

This is a case study. You should thoroughly describe the organization’s (Cabela’s) current design and identify any structure or design problems that the organization is facing. The data gathered in each chapter’s design module will help you with this. By answering the design module questions, you will gain an understanding of how the organization is currently structured and what challenges it faces. It is important to focus on challenges related to structure and design— those identified as you complete the modules— since other problems (such as poor products, poor pricing, poor marketing, and so on) might not be as relevant and won’t give you enough opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course concepts. However, if those problems arise because of poor organizational structure or design, they are appropriate to discuss.

Attached are the design module questions and answers. An outline so you can have a general idea. And some slides so you can pull information from there and stick to the curriculum. 


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