Any Religion Movie or Book (at least 150 pages)

One 900-word book report will be required from each student. This essay report may be on a religious book or religious video (such as a movie or documentary). The religious book needs to be at least 150 pages. If the student chooses to report on a religious video, the video needs to deal with religious issues and not just be a drama. In the report, the student is expected to explain how it treats religious issues and the student must thoughtfully evaluate it. Please feel free to include your thoughts, feelings and opinions on the information. The main question is, “What religious content did you learn from this book or video?” Either MLA or APA formats are acceptable. Students are not required to receive pre-approval from the instructor in their selection of the book or video. The student is required to select, on his or her own, a religious book or video for the report.

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