BSBMKG609 Develop a marketing plan

BSBMKG609: Develop a marketing plan
Due: week 7
Background Information:
1. You have been appointed to the newly created position of Marketing Manager at Wellington Wines.
2. Wellington Wines (Pty) Ltd is a successful single production site winery situated at Mudgee in New South Wales. Wellington Wines currently sells the following branded products in the Australian market through both the independent and the supermarket chains:
• Wellington Sauvignon Blanc – 750 ml bottled wine
• Wellington Chardonnay – 750ml bottled wine
3. Key Data for Wellington Wines (Pty) Ltd based on simulated Financial Year (FY) report of 2015:
? Sales revenue for the FY 2015 was $50 million (AUD)
? Average gross sales revenue per case (12 x750ml) for the FY 2015 was $120.00 (AUD)
? Average trade mark up in the supermarket sector for the FY 2015 was 30%
? 2% of sales revenue is allocated as Marketing budget for the following FY
1. The shareholders want you to grow sales by 15 per cent in the Australian market and you are required to prepare a detailed marketing plan for FY2016-17.
Your marketing plan (report format) should include the following:
I. Executive Summary.
II. Current Situation.
III. Objectives and Issues.
IV. Target Market, Customer Analysis and Positioning.
V. Marketing Strategy.
VI. Marketing Programs.
VII Financial and Operational Plans
VIII. Metrics and Implementation Control.
Instructions to Follow:
1. Please submit this assessment in Week 7. Word limit is between 2000- 2500 words.
2. You can complete this assessment as a group of 3 (maximum) or individually.
3. A student who submits a late assessment without approval for an extension of the due date will be penalised by 10 per cent per week. Assessment will not be accepted after two week of due date. No assessment will be accepted after week 9 (unless you got a Doctor’s Certificate to prove you were sick).
4. If you work in Group; name and ID of all the group members must be included in the Cover Page of the Assessment. Future claims/excuses are not accepted.
Please consult the resources (BOTH RESOURCES A&B) uploaded along with this Assessment for additional information to complete the Assessment

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