Discussion Assignment : Part 1 -Business Writer

Throughout the course, you have been building toward the achievement of the following competencies: 

• Analyze contemporary leadership practices and models from the perspective of innovation. 

• Assess personal skills at leading innovation in organizations.

• Analyze models of innovation and change management to create a culture of innovation. 

• Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.

For this discussion, reflect on the knowledge and skills you developed over the past six weeks. Address the following in your post: 

• Select one competency that you believe is the most important to you. How has your ability to perform these skills and apply this knowledge evolved? What concepts, skills, or insights were most relevant to you? 

• How have you grown in your academic and professional goals? Have you made progress on any items in the action plan you developed during first course?


Discussion Participation Scoring Guide


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