Organization and Governance

Final Project Preview: Major Principles of Organization and Governance

Throughout the course you will study the organizational frameworks associated with each type of organization. This framework will play a key role in determining the responsiveness of your organization to outside threats and challenges. During your studies you will identify a number of organizational structures and cultures. You may find yourselves drawn to working and building our career in one type of culture versus another.

For your final Assignment you are asked to take on the role of a college president. You decide which of Manning’s organizational structure you are leading. You will carefully consider how your organizational system and culture will influence your institutions ability to respond to the changing landscape and the man obstacles and challenges facing your institution. Begin your Assignment by describing your institution in terms of size, mission, and organizational type such as Bureaucratic, Political, Collegial, or Anarchical.

As the leader of your institution, you have been asked to attend a Forum, where you learn more about several issues that are on the horizon for your institution, including:

Accreditation mandates
Looming budget cuts
Expanding your distance learning program plus online support systems
Responding to increasing demands for accountability
Based on your organization’s governance structure and systems, you must create a response to these issues. Upon your return, you will share your position insights and approach paper, which will be distributed to faculty, staff, and board members. The goal of writing the paper is to convince the audience that your institution can effectively address these issues within the constraints of its organization and governance structure. As in any position paper, it is vital that you address the alternate position that faculty and staff might take that the institution cannot successfully meet these challenges with its current structure. You must support your argument with evidence from the readings and other resources you use.

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For this course project, you will write a position paper, 5 to 7 pages of content in length, in which you consider the major principles of organization and governance of your institution and how they are likely to affect your institution’s ability to meet the challenges of the future. Include proper cover and reference pages and follow correct APA 6th ed. style. Use the topics below as headings in your paper.


The introduction must provide a short background of the scenario as well as organization and governance principles. Please identify the organizational model of your institution (Bureaucratic, Collegial, Political, or Anarchical) and describe how specific characteristics of the model will influence institutional response. This establishes the context of the paper and informs the reader of the subject matter. Then, provide a clear purpose statement for the paper. This section of the paper should be about 1 page.

Organization and Governance

Select two or three major characteristics your organization embraces from the Manning’s text that you think are most characteristic of higher education organization and governance. Briefly describe each principle separately and give an example of how it impacts higher education. This section should be 1.5 to 2 pages.

Organizational Responses to Future Challenges

Provide clear description of each of the issues facing higher education. Identify at least three (3) additional scholarly articles supporting these trends and challenges. Provide a description of each challenge and, based on your institution’s organizational structure, create a response that is most aligned with the culture of the organization. This section of the paper should be 2 to 3 pages.


Summarize the major points made in the paper and reiterate its purpose. This section of the paper should be about .5 (one-half) page.

Draft Deliverable

In Unit 4, you will complete a draft of your introduction, outline, and an annotated bibliography to support development of your project. The Introduction and outline will help you organize the course project and begin the writing process, while the annotated bibliography will assist you in your research. Directions for completing this Assignment are in Unit 4. The completed project is due midnight Saturday of Unit 6.

The Final Project addresses the following Unit 6 learning outcome:

Synthesize the major external forces affecting higher education and potential institutional responses.
Reflect on the significance and relevance of systems concepts in understanding organization and governance in higher education.
Provide support for administrative decision making within a specific higher education context.
Evaluate a college’s ability to respond to significant change in an ethical manner.
It also addresses the following course outcome:

HE530-1: Distinguish the roles of various constituencies within the governance function of higher education institutions.

HE530-2: Explain administrative features and challenges of different institutional types.

HE530-3: Design institutional responses to environmental threats or opportunities.

HE530-4: Evaluate institutional and individual behavior in higher education from an ethical perspective.

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