Poetry & Visual Arts Paper

Poetry & Visual Arts Paper 

For this paper you will be incorporating some research. First you should pick one of the topics below (each is a paired poem & image in textbook, Bedford Introduction to Literature by Michael Meyer, 11th edition ISBN:987-1319002183). Next, you will access the articles that I have put in the Modules section on Canvas. There are a couple of sources for each of the topic choices, so find the ones that go along with your chosen topic. You’ll notice that some are more on the poet & artist and others focus more on the poem & image. 

The first step is to complete your Annotated Bibliography which will include the full citation for both of the articles that go with your topic (just as they would appear on your Works Cited page) PLUS a paragraph (of at least 4-5 sentences) that explains the main argument of the article AND how you plan to use the sources in your paper. This is DUE on November 30 on Canvas no later than 11:59PM. 

You will then complete and upload your research paper [around 5-7 typed, double-spaced pages, plus a Works Cited page, formatted and documented in MLA style] by December 8. Remember, since this is a research paper, you are required to include quotes and examples from your sources (the articles) as support in your paper. Additionally, you will need to include descriptions of the image and use direct quotes from the poem with the line number in parentheses after the quote. Failure to incorporate material from your sources AND quotes from the poem into your paper (properly cited) WILL result in a failing grade.

Choose ONE of the four topics below:

American Gothic painting by Grant Wood + the poem with the same title by John Stone (pages C & D from textbook) – In what sense can Stone’s poem be regarded as an analysis of the painting? Explain why you think he sees Grant’s depiction of the two figures more as a satire or a celebration. What symbolic elements do you see in the painting? What humor do you find in the poem?
Girl Powdering Her Neck woodblock print by Kitagawa Utamaro + the poem with the same title by Cathy Song (pages E , F, G from textbook) – What does Song’s poem add to the visual information provided in Utamaro’s woodcut? Is Song’s treatment of the girl sympathetic or something else? What effect is produced by the final three lines of the poem?
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial photograph + the poem Facing It by Yusef Komunyakaa (pages H & I in textbook) – What is the significance of the poem’s title? How are the speaker’s war experiences reflected in the war memorial? What are the possible meanings of the poem’s final three lines? Does the speaker’s response to the memorial indicate that its conception and composition are successful or unsuccessful as a public memorial?
Woman Before an Aquarium painting by Henri Matisse + the poem with the same title by Patricia Hampl (pages N, O, P from textbook) – How does Hampl use the details of the painting to establish its mood as well as the tone of her poem? Does the speaker’s diction and imagery in the poem indicate that she is sympathetic to the girl in the painting? How do you interpret line 19-20? How is female identity presented in the poem and painting?

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