Project management

Project Scope is one of the most important aspects of project planning and control. In order to be successful with managing scope, Project Managers will create a Work Breakdown Structure to detail out deliverables and work packages. Further they will create a responsibility matrix to relate tasks to resources.


Using either Microsoft Word (Hierarchy SmartArt Graphic is best used for the WBS) or Excel to create the following:

1. Work Breakdown Structure. Create a three level WBS graphic (similar to Figure 5.3 on page 156 in your text) using the following data (include the numbers and description within each box):

2. 1.0 Project: Provide a Banquet

3. 1.1 Plan and Supervise

4. 1.1.1 Create Plan 1.1.2 Make Budget 1.1.3 Prepare Disbursements/Reconciliation 1.1.4 Coordinate Activities

5. 1.2 Dinner

6.4.2 Make Menu 1.2.2 Create Shopping List 1.2.3 Shop 1.2.4 Cook 1.2.5 Serve Dinner

7. 1.3 Room and Equipment

8. 1.3.1 Identify Site / Room 1.3.2 Setup Tables / Chairs 1.3.3 Layout Settings / Utensils 1.3.4 Decorate 1.3.5 Prepare Equipment, Pots, etc.

9. 1.4 Guests

10. 1.4.1 Make Guest List 1.4.2 Create RSVPs 1.4.3 Create Name Tags 1.4.4 Make Guest List

11. Staff

12. 1.5.1 Hire Shoppers 1.5.2 Hire Cooks 1.5.3 Hire Servers 1.5.4 Hire Hosts 1.5.5 Hire Cleanup

13. 1.6 Speakers

14. 1.6.1 Invite 1.6.2 Transport 1.6.3 Coordinate Topics 1.6.4 Backup for No-shows 1.6.5 Send Thank You Notes

15. Project Task Description Form . Create a task description form similar to the below example for work packages 1.2.1, 1.2.2, and 1.2.3. Make assumptions and be creative to complete each of the fields.


17. Responsibility Matrix . Create a simple Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for this project (using the five work packages for Speakers (1.6.1-1.6.5), identifying at least 4 fictitious project team members. strengths and weaknesses and create a matrix similar to what is provided on page 162 of your Project Management Text.


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