Technology, Society, and Culture in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1300 – 1600 , Pamela Long

In Technology, Society, and Culture in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1300-1600, Pamela Long argues for a “contextual view of the history of technology.” In the conclusion of her booklet, she contends, “technologies were never inert or unchanging, nor were they ever exempt from either material or cultural considerations” (58). Long criticizes traditional histories 
for treating inventions in “relative isolation from the wider historical context” and as “solely positive developments” (58). How well does Long contextualize her treatment of technology in her booklet? In what 
area of technological development does she provide the most convincing description of the larger material or cultural considerations? Why are they 
convincing? In what areas is she less 
convincing? In your well-developed 2-3 page paper, consider and include 
at least one of the following in your analysis: 
the meaning of a technology for a medieval community, meaning and 
value of technology to producers and/or consumers (gender, age, class, 
and regional culture), technology as positive or negative development, or the bias amount, and type of sources

Use specific examples from the book, with proper citations, to make your analysis.

Remember that all evidence must be 
cited, both direct quotes and paraphrases.

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