Unit V Article Review

Unit V Article Review 

 Choose an article from the Suggested Reading List, or locate another peer-reviewed article on exercises. Create a title page, and write a two-page essay article review (500 words). In the critical analysis, include the following: 

 Article: Cook, D., Nazir, N., Skalacki, M., Grube, C., & Choi, W. (2011). Impact of a multidisciplinary disaster response exercise. Journal of Emergency Management, 9(4), 35-43.

• Introduction: Introduce the subject of the article.

• Discussion: Identify and describe the concepts or points in the article. 

• Results/Conclusion: Discuss the outcome or conclusion of the article.

• Personal analysis: Describe how the information in the article builds or applies to the material in the textbook about exercises.

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