Argumentative Essay Analysis

Argumentative Essay Analysis


For this paper, you are to choose an essay on our syllabus and write an informed argument analysis. "Informed" -this means that in addition to breaking down the author's argument and point (s) of view, you should provide your own informed opinion of the argument itself. Do you agree or disagree with the author? Explain how the author's presentation of the issues lends to their point of view. Consider the style and tone of the essay; how does it inform the author's point of view? Provide clear explanation as to how the author constructs the argument in his / her essay from an organizational standpoint. It may even be beneficial for you to do this by paragraph. It may even be beneficial for you to do this by paragraph. Provide research as evidence to back up or contrast your own ideas regarding the issue (s) as well as the issues the author uses to frame their own argument. Be sure to detail what sorts of rhetoric the author is employing. Lastly, try to explain why your point of view on this subject is significant as the author is analyzing you.


You may frame your analysis through a variety of approaches. Some different types of analyses we discussed in class were: historical, moral, religious, psychological, structural, linguistic, political, etc. For example, if you chose to do a historical analysis of the Letter from Birmingham Jail, you’d need to discuss the time in which is was written in addition to analyzing King’s style.


Criteria: The essay should have a smooth, coherent introduction; a clear and effective thesis; paragraphs focused solely on topic/issue and argument, your and the author you choose; clear organization; well-integrated evidence; appropriate and precise vocabulary; expressions and ideas that attempt to be fresh and original; no mechanical or grammatical errors; precisely documented MLA format. The essay should be no less than 3 pages, typed, double- spaced with normal page margins, 12 pt. font., and all quotes should be accurately cited. Incorporate 3 outside research sources (no .coms; no Wikipedia), and include a works cited page




Self-help Criteria: Ask yourself these questions during the writing process.


Focus: Does your essay have a clear point, or stance? Does the entire essay relate clearly to that point? Does your stance, or point, reach beyond your personal experience an into others’ lives?


Development: Is your argument developed through examples, details, specific

Information and/or excerpts? Can the reader identify with you?


Organization: Does your essay follow some clear logic and order? Does it flow?

Have readability?


Clarity: Do you step away at certain points to explore your key idea—what you

are trying to say? Is your essay written in clear and appropriate

language—rhetoric befitting your topic? Does a strong individual voice emerge? Can the reader hear you?


Correctness: Is your essay written in standard written English? Do misspellings

and grammar errors detract from your message? Has the paper been adequately proofread and revised?

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