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Creative Visualization Guide:  

Use this if you need help guiding a person through a visualization.


Set up:

Before you start, have a goal in mind, one or two simple statements. Discuss this with the person you will be working with and have them write the goal(s) down.  The goal can be a variety of things such as; to help you relax, give you energy, help you study better, help you overcome a fear, help achieve a specific goal.  Write down how they will feel when you achieve those goals.


Here is an example of 3 goals that could be used:

• When you finish this visualization you will feel relaxed.

• You will also have energy all day long.

• You will sleep very well tonight.


Prepare a journey in advance:

Think of a short journey that you will use in the visualization. It can be a favorite walk or a favorite place through the woods or along a beach, a hot air balloon ride.

You can use a written script of your own or you can adapt a written script from a website.  Remember, this visualization needs to be spoken by you.



• Put yourselves in an environment where you won’t be disturbed by phones, people, etc.

• Make yourself comfortable, lie on your back, do not cross your arms or legs


Relaxation statements:

• Begin to notice your breath.  Take deep relaxing breaths.

• State the goals that want to be achieved.

•   Relax all muscles each time you inhale.

•   Release all tension in your body when you exhale.

•   Countdown from 20 to 1. (State the goals that want to be achieved.)

•   Relax your body from the toes to the top of your head, slowly going through each area of the body.  State the goals again.


Begin your journey: (Example: Imagine you are walking through a grass field.)

• State your goals. Imagine how you will feel when you have accomplished them.

• Continue the journey.

• Imagine how you feel in this environment. Use all five senses. Make it vivid.

o Vision, imagine the colors, light.

o Touch.  Imagine how the wind feels, and other touch senses.

o Hearing. Imagine what you hear.

o Smell. Imagine the wonderful smells you experience.

o Taste.  Imagine something to taste. A drink of cool water.

• Reminder: Visualize relaxing with each breath you take.

• Observe yourself from a distance.

• State your goals again. Imagine how you will feel when you have accomplished them.

• When you are ready, begin the journey back.

• Along the way, state your goals.

• Imagine how you will feel when you have accomplished your goals.

• Countdown your return 20 to 1.  When you return, you will feel _______________

(State goal of how you will feel. Some examples are)

Awake and energized

Relaxed and rested



Once the person has come back to from the guided visualization you may want to do some seated stretches so they can wake up.  Remember to have a conversation with them to share their experience with you.


This assignment is to guide someone else in a visualization. However, this particular guide can be used for either a self-guided visualization or for a guided visualization for someone else. If you are guiding yourself you would say “I” instead of  “you”.



The more you do these relaxation visualizations the better you get it.  Sometimes it takes practice and several times to begin to feel best results.


Final Assignment


400 word (minimum) paper in hard copy format:  28 points


Guide someone you know; a friend or a group of people through 20 minutes of relaxation using the techniques you have learned and experienced in class.

Create an atmosphere that supports relaxation and a sense of ease and well-being.


Write a 400 words paper that describes your experience and the experience of your group or friend. Describe in detail what took place. How did you create the atmosphere. Did you play music, what type of music did you play?  How did you guide your subjects through the process? What specific techniques did you use.  What was it like for you to guide someone through the relaxation process? What did you learn?  What did they say to you about the experience? Be very specific.



The Final Assignment is due week 8.

Written work will not be accepted after your last class of the term.

Written work must be turned in as a hard copy, not by email.

Written work must be turned in as a hard copy, not by email.

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