What was life like for homosexuals, in Germany, during WWII?

Think about what you want to say, organize your thoughts well, and develop and provide evidence or explanation for your assertions. There is a minimum word count of 500 words. You need to include at least three sources. These can be outside sources and/or sources from class. You do not need a source page, unless you have outside sources.


Question Set 1:  

What was life like for homosexuals, in Germany, during WWII? How had it changed in Europe since the early 1920s and1930s? How did the US military react to homosexuality? What were the roles of females in the US military and how did they react to lesbianism? What was McCarthyism and what role did that play in the formation early LGBTQ movement?


Question Set 2:

 What were some of the major events that occurred during the homophile movement? How did these events push forward, or set back, the fight for LGBTQ equality? Who were some of the most important figures during this period? Can you draw any parallels from this time with the current issues affecting the LGBTQ community?

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