Writing Assignment.

 For this assignment I am asking you to look at some of the footage (link below) of the opening of the concentration camps by American soldiers.  It is pretty wrenching viewing.

The material is from the national archives and is the actual footage used as evidence at the Nuremburg War trials.  You don't need to watch too much…10 -15 minutes is fine.  Remember that this footage does not even cover the 'big' concentration camps.   These are smaller camps and hospitals.    While you are watching, pay special attention to the opening statements.  The John Ford mentioned is the same John Ford who directed great movies like Stagecoach and The Grapes of Wrath.  Also, you will hear from the Special Effects director for a major American film studio.  Think carefully about what both men have to say about the footage.  In the actual video, depending on how far in you watch, you will see the' big three' American generals, Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley, along with a Congressional delegation, touring a camp.  Consider the voice over at this point.    Then, in a short essay (1page) discuss the ways this video is 'cited' to assure its viewers that it is authentic.  Why do you think such pains were taken to make this clear?  

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