analysing communication

Analysing Communication: 

Using your own data, gathered from native English-speakers conversing naturally or live unscripted TV/Radio discussion, record, transcribe and analyse a segment of the conversation (finalise your choice of the conversation with your tutor). Comment on its linguistic, paralinguistic (if appropriate), pragmatics and discourse-level features, and on the implications of your findings for the practice and/or theory of language teaching. See Carter & McCarthy (1997) for further information and guidance.

Please note that, while reference sources will need to be consulted in the preparation of any of the above tasks, the normal requirement to produce original and critical work still stands. You should demonstrate clear ‘ownership’ of the material. The mere production (whether adapted to some extent or not) of readily available information from reference books or the internet is not acceptable. Make sure your discussions are built on a smaller scope but are of more essence and depth

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