Attend a rock music concert and report on the event

Discuss the event in its totality. Describe the environment and the audience; discuss the musicians’ interactions with the audience; and talk about the music that is performed, identifying musical elements that you heard during the performance. Be descriptive, and where possible use specific vocabulary to discuss musical stylistic features (instrumentation/timbre, rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, form, etc). In brief, apply as much as you can of what you have learned in class to your experience, and make the reader feel like she was there by reading your paper.

Before the concert, you may want to do a little research on the band you’ll hear, so that you will have some idea of what to expect. Citations must be given for information/ideas that are not considered common knowledge.

Some notes about the concert below: use this information to help write the paper

Opening Act: The Drifters

-Lights centered on 3 musicians on center stage
-Singer using arm motions to help indicate emotion
-Uses technology for background beat
-Guitarist and keyboardist/beatmaker and lead singer

Bon Iver:

Instrumentation: Two drum sets, saxophone, trombones, piano, high pitched singer, softer electric guitar, acoustic guitar for some songs
-Starts out in total darkness
-Spotlight on main singer
-Lights strobing
-Technology used to distort singing voices (auto tone)
-Lights very important for show
-Techno beats in background
-Most songs start off soft and then intensify

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